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A former teacher, psychotherapist, researcher and successful business woman, I became an author when nursing my stepfather, Sasha for the last 2 years of his life. After a 33-year estrangement, we totally forgave each other and he unburdened the harrowing story of his Jewish family in Ukraine in WW2, and died a happy man. This plus my mentally ill mother’s equally harrowing life, led me to write Sasha & Olga, (Lothian Books 2006). This launched my new career as a writer...

Butterflies & Demons

Released June 2020

Butterflies & Demons is a sizzling mixture of historic fiction, fantasy and truth and is based on the author's compelling vision which is reflected in the title. The story bounces between two eras- the 1830s and the 1950s and is set in the uneventful, wowser town of Adelaide.

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A Short Story

14 September 2020

I wrote this story in 2010 for 'Shine', a Science Fiction anthology, based on optimistic visions of the future. Its editor, a Dutchman called Jetse de Vries, let it be known , he was looking for short stories which predicted a near future which was hopeful. This was brave as so many SF stories are […]
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How I keep my Sizzle in my 70's

26 November 2019

I am 73 and have been happily married for 41 years. I have written a book ‘Sexy at 70’ which came out in October 2019. I joined Instagram last year. My goal was to reach 10,000 followers so I could promote ....
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Bruce Review of Butterflies and Demons

20 November 2019

“I do not admit”, said Churchill in 1937, “that a great wrong has been done to the black people of Australia… by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, or, at any rate, a more worldly-wise race, to put it that way, has come in and taken their place.” One hundred years earlier, the South Australia Company set foot ...
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