Push Publishing Review of Sexy at 70

Written by Push Publishing

“Sexy at 70 A Spiritual Journey", is an honest and wonderfully relatable account of how Eva emerged from the other side of menopause, experiencing self-discovery in her sexuality, and was re-born a flirty party raver in her 60s.

Flowering differently as she grew older, as well as the related inner struggle with vanity and the fact she was ageing, and despite the hardships that understandably bring about with it, ultimately led to her greater spiritual acceptance of who she actually is.

Regarding her sexual self for a long life as something to be ashamed of; to be spiritual meant to be saint-like and sexless. This book explains the difficulties in reconciling these opposites. Tackling demons as tough as major illnesses (including a rare blood cancer), here she recounts how this deepened her self-awareness and ability to exude a confident and dedicated kind of self-care.”

19th October 2019

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